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Recent Works

The InBetween

Welcome to my Growth Cave Review

Lucas Lee Tyson says he can teach you how to make money online with his Growth Cave program. He talks about making lots of money by using YouTube ads and selling things online.

But is everything he says true?

Lucas tells you that if you follow his steps, you’ll start earning big money every month. But are people really getting these results, or is it just talk?

We’re going to take a close look at the Growth Cave program and Lucas Lee Tyson. We want to see if it really works like he says it does.

Therapy Trainings™ Mental Health

Understanding Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)* Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a common mental health condition characterized by excessive and uncontrollable worry or anxiety about everyday life events. It goes beyond normal worry and interferes with daily activities, affecting a person’s overall well-being and quality of life.

Kentucky Counseling Center

“I started Kentucky Counseling Center in 2014 because I was frustrated with my father’s experience getting treatment for schizophrenia. When he finally found someone that could help, there was a 6-month waiting list, and the doctor didn’t accept his insurance. Mental health care should be easy to find and affordable to receive.”


List 25

In this video, we’re going to take a look at 25 things that you may not have known had special uses. Not only are these things incredibly useful, but they’re also interesting and fun to learn about. After watching this video, you’ll be able to use these techniques in your everyday life without even realizing it!

Arvin Ash

Most people have thought about: How does it feel to die? What is death like? In this video, I examine what science says about this. Some commonalities in what people experience are: positive emotions, meeting deceased persons, euphoria, out-of-body experiences. Why should the collective experiences of so many people be so similar?

Are people’s consciousness really leaving their bodies as they are dying, or is all this a hallucination in the brain? Most people who have experienced this don’t think it is an hallucination. To test the idea of people leaving their bodies and floating above it, researchers placed images on high shelves which were not visible unless you were on a ladder close to the ceiling. They then interviewed cardiac arrest survivors who had been revived in those rooms, but no one reported seeing the images.

One clue about what might be happening, is that these out of body experiences sound similar to what people describe while taking psychedelic drugs like psilocybin, LSD, and DMT. Is there be a connection?

A 2015 study by Neuroscientist Dieguez concluded that the “disembodied” experience is due to disturbances in the temporo-parietal cortex of the brain. This is the area that gives us a sense of self, and perception of our body.

The Radiology Coach

It has been some time since we uploaded videos on this channel. Here is my story.

Surprise Me

Can you guess the NBA player nickname by the emoji? Are you a big fan of NBA? This is a really challenging emoji puzzle, and this emoji quiz will make sure to test your NBA player nickname knowledge.

Let us know in the comments how many answers you got to the NBA emoji quiz?

Here are the set of rules for this NBA quiz:
Three difficulty levels
Easy – 20 seconds
Medium – 15 seconds
Hard – 5 seconds

Bearded Ninja

The 10 most INSANE MANSIONS Of The World’s Richest CEO’S. Welcome guys and thanks for watching! be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE for more Top 10’s!!! In this video “10 INSANE MANSIONS Of The World’s Richest CEO’S!” you will see some of the most Luxurious Mansions that the world has to offer. . Let us know which of these insane mansions you’d like to try have in your life.

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